The fall-out of an April Fool’s joke…

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Oh, the humanity!

You’d think our April Fool’s joke—selling the title and teaching privilege of “Mister of Fencing” and membership in MoFO—was such a blatantly obvious and lame joke, only a sloth would’ve missed it. But apparently, MoFO and the prerequisites of owning a foil and never having earned a competitive ranking were still too subtle

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I know, I know, sports fencing concens itself with the present, not the past. But what about those bits of old scrap metal in the back corner of the club armory? How old are they and how do they fit into, say, modern saber? Well, go ahead and find out!

Originally posted on The Secret History of the Sword:

Collectors of modern sports weapons face a bit of a dilemma. It’s almost impossible to tell a piece of recent scrap metal found in the back of the club armory from a weapon with at least budding historical value.

Luckily, some old fencing equipment catalogs provide a clue at dating and contextual placement. Like the 1938 catalog of Vince Fencing Equipment, Inc., which provides some clues to early sports sabers…

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Yes, we know. We really shouldn’t. We’re spoiling you rotten.

But heck, you just might learn something! Today, we’re giving away your free access to Rouen, France-based master of the stick, staff, kicking boot and fist Leboucher’s 1843 manual.

We can afford such generosity because someone else’s already paid for putting it online…

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High Art of Fencing: Breslau’s Fencer’s Fountain…

He managed to escape being turned into shell casings in World War I. Melted down for war reparations during the Weimar Republic. He dodged the Nazi leveling of Breslau in 1945, and the Red Army’s knocking over what was left.

And since he ended up behind the Iron Curtain, in a different country, he even escaped the politically correct B.S. that imprints modern Germany…

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Fencing in the News: Health benefits for older fencers

You’ve always known it: Fencing is Good For You! Turns out it may be even better for you than you thought.

Especially if you’re a geezer like us: “Older fencers did better than their non-athletic peers on measures of attention and processing…”

Plus, researchers confirmed that older fencers are 100% better looking than their non-fencing peers!

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WTF: Does it get any more stupid than “Fency”?

What gives?

There you gou go, working out for months, drilling, bouting, breaking blades, just to look good for the spectators.

And the organizers? Create a mongrel hybrid of prickly pear and Sponge-Bob Squarepants as the mascot of the 2011 Catania World Championships… Continue reading