Fencing in the News: Health benefits for older fencers

You’ve always known it: Fencing is Good For You! Turns out it may be even better for you than you thought.

Especially if you’re a geezer like us: “Older fencers did better than their non-athletic peers on measures of attention and processing…”

Plus, researchers confirmed that older fencers are 100% better looking than their non-fencing peers!

Alright, we made up the last part. But the rest’s pure science:

“Researchers focused on young and old fencers to see if the activity was effective in counteracting some cognitive deterioration that happens to people as they age. Fencing was chosen because it’s considered an open-skill sport, one in which players have to adapt their movements due to a changing environment — in this case, a constantly moving opponent…”

Read on..

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